Become a Member School

The goal of all TISA Member schools is to best server the international community & their own schools student body. If you have the same mindset and would like to join our association, please view the membership application information below.

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

- Vince Lombardi

4 Steps


Apply for Membership

Get in touch with us by completing the application form located HERE.


School Visit

Receive a school visit from the President / Vice-President or school committee to review the new application.


Review of Application

Review of visit report & application by Member schools is done during regular meetings.



Recommendation made by visiting committee and vote is held by all current TISA member schools to approve or decline the applying schools TISA membership.

Below are the articles of the constitution that all applicant schools must adhere to.

ARITCLE IV: Section I: Eligibility.
  1. International Schools may become members through the established application process culminating in a majority vote of representatives at a regular TISA meeting.
  2. Each member school (or school group) is to be represented by the single person who shall serve as the chief executive decision maker for the TISA member school or regional school group.
  3. Associate Membership, without voting privileges, may be granted to organizations or individuals interested in supporting the aims of TISA, by a majority of voting representatives at a regular TISA meeting.
Section III: TISA Membership Application Criteria
In order to apply for and retain TISA membership, member schools (or school groups) must meet in full the definition of International School as listed in Article I, Section II and will additionally meet the following criteria:
  1. Will be run out of purpose-specific premises suitable to provide for a quality education
  2. Will have been operating its school programme successfully for at least 3 full years
  3. Will agree to abide by the TISA constitution and ethical guidelines
  4. Will prioritise attendance at TISA meetings and will not miss any meetings other than due to unforeseen and/or unavoidable circumstances
  5. The representative as defined in Article IV Section I must be able to participate in meetings in English